Versand- und Lieferdetails
Shipping costs

Shipping costs are determined by weight and size. The shipping costs for postal parcels are CHF 8.90 - CHF15.00. Orders over 30kg or with oversize are delivered by a forwarding agent (free kerbside). The shipping costs for freight forwarders are CHF 34.90. The exact costs are shown with each item. If you order several articles, only the amount of the heaviest article will be charged.


Delivery is from Fast Tech warehouse in 6260 Reiden. The delivery of the ordered articles is exclusively to addresses in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.
Postal parcels are delivered conveniently directly to your home by Swiss Post.
Freight forwarding goods are delivered by Spedition Räbmatter AG. When the order is transferred from the Fast Tech warehouse to the forwarding agent, the customer receives an e-mail confirmation with the telephone number of the forwarding agent and ideally determines the delivery details by telephone directly with the forwarding agent. The delivery of forwarding goods is carried out up to the curb.
Excluded from the delivery are destinations that cannot be reached directly by the forwarding agent (e.g. access only by mountain or cable car).
For delivery to special destinations, to a specific fixed date or for a floor delivery (special services) we can make a separate offer. Please ask us for it.
Fast Tech takes over the liability for the transport and commits itself to the exchange of defective delivered articles.

The liability is transferred to the buyer as soon as the shipment has been delivered. A shipment is considered delivered when:
  - the post office has deposited the package with the customer. Decisive is the course of the tracking number.
  - the customer has signed the supplier's delivery note in the case of forwarding shipments.

The Customer is responsible for the correct recording of address data. If a postal parcel is returned as undeliverable, the Customer will be charged an extra CHF 14.00 for return shipping costs and re-delivery. If the customer waives a re-delivery, Fast Tech will charge the customer CHF 20.00 for the additional effort and shipping costs for delivery and return.

Delivery dates and delay

The items will be delivered within three to five working days after receipt of the order. The delivery dates are approximate and without guarantee. This applies in particular due to delivery problems of the manufacturer. If a delivery was delayed by Fast Tech beyond a delivery date promised in writing, the customer can put Fast Tech in default after the expiration of an additional period of at least three weeks to be set by him in writing and withdraw from the order after the unused expiration of a reasonable additional period of at least one week. Further claims are excluded. If the customer has already made a payment (cash in advance), the customer is entitled to a refund of the amount paid after the expiration of the grace period. A claim in the form of an invoice is required.

Pick up

A collection of the articles is possible after previous telephone arrangement (041 210 27 85), also in the Fast Tech warehouse in 6260 Reiden.