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Cast Stainless Steel Burner

Burner made of high-quality cast stainless steel

The new double-flame BBQ Master burners are made of high-quality cast stainless steel.
This means that much less cleaning and maintenance is required than with normal cast iron burners. 
They are durable, highly resilient, robust and rustproof.
Version: S, L, XL
CHF 49.00
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Shipping costs: CHF 15.00
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Technical data

The BBQ Master cast stainless steel burners match the models:

BBQ Master S, S Stainless steel, S Luxury
BBQ Master M
BBQ Master L (not for L Pro and L Plus)
BBQ Master XL (not for XL Pro and XL Plus)

Length 40cm
Width 7.5cm
Opening diameter 1.2cm gas hole